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Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a authorized distributor and dealers of various automation control systems, components and sensors,  companies like Festo, Burkert Fluid, Baumer, Pilz, Adz Nagano, ACE Controls Inc. in Vadodara-Gujarat-India since 2013. We offer technical support to our customers time to time to enhance the performance of their machines with our technical experts and field engineers. Our core strength is physical approach to the customer and to study the requirement of customers to offer optimize solution.

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become a leading supplier of automation components to the Industrial Market of Gujarat.

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. For Baumer, Baumer Hubner Supplier, Baumer Hubner Encoder Supplier, Baumer Hubner Encoder, Baumer Hubner, Baumer Hubner In India. Established in 2009, We at Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. Corporation are Authorize Stockiest of Festo Controls Pvt. Ltd., A division of the multinational Group of Companies Festo AG & Co. KG, where the name Festo stands for quality, progressive technology and superior service.

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. For Baumer, Baumer Hubner Supplier, Baumer Hubner Encoder Supplier, Baumer Hubner Encoder, Baumer Hubner, Baumer Hubner In India, Baumer Hubner In India. We supply complete solutions to pneumatic control problems and automation technology to the customers Gujarat wide and also in India region. Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. Corporation is market leader for pneumatic products in Gujarat & India.

Baumer - Factory Automation Product Range

Tejas Parikh Pvt. ltd.  for Baumer Encoder Supplier, Baumer Encoder, Baumer Sensors, Baumer Sensors Supplier Etc., Baumer - Factory Automation Product Range in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

  • Object detection
  • Distance measurement
  • Smart Vision Sensors
  • Industrial cameras / image processing
  • Identification
  • Rotary encoders / angle sensors
  • Inclination / acceleration sensors
  • Process sensors
  • Force sensors/strain sensors
  • Format adjustment
  • Counters / displays
  • Accessories

Application of Baumer Products in :

  • Clean in place (CIP)
  • Dairy
  • Feeder technology
  • Metal and steel
  • Mobile Automation
  • Packaging industry
  • Quality Control
  • Railway
  • Robotics – End-of-Arm Tooling
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Baumer Photoelectric Sensors

Diffuse Sensor

  • Based on the triangulation principle
  • Transmitter and receiver in one device
  • Evaluation of the angle of incidence of the light
  • Detection regardless of the object color, surface or background

Retro-reflective Sensor

  • Beam interruption between the sensor and the reflector
  • Transmitter and receiver in one device
  • Detection regardless of the object color or surface
  • Detection of glossy and reflective objects thanks to polarization filter

Through-beam Sensor

  • Beam interruption between the transmitter and the receiver
  • Detection of objects over long distances
  • Transmitter and receiver in one device

Inductive Proximity Sensors

  • (Due to their reliability and efficiency, inductive proximity switches are used whenever a metal object has to be detected within just a few millimeters)

Capacitive Sensors

  • (The capacitive sensor basically functions like an open capacitor. An electrical field is formed between the measuring electrode and the GND electrode. If a material with a dielectric constant er greater than air enters the electrical field, the capacity of the field increases depending on the er of this material. The electronics measure this capacity increase, the generated signal is conditioned during subsequent signal processing and causes output switching at a corresponding magnitude).

Ultrasonic Sensors

  • (Ultrasonic sensors are based on the measured propagation time of the ultrasonic signal. They emit high-frequency sound waves which reflect on an object. The objects to be detected may be solid, liquid, granular or in powder form. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect transparent and other demanding objects where optical technologies fail.)

Magnetic Sensors

  • (The magneto-resistive element is made of a special material which only reacts to magnetic fields, for example a permanent magnet, and provides a digital signal at the output. Detecting even very weak magnetic fields, the magneto-resistive element is approximately ten times more sensitive than a Hall element which enables a large switching distance. Magnetic proximity switches are omni-polar, meaning both North and South pole are being detected.)

Fiber-Optic Sensors

  • (The high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion in fiber optic sensors captures even very minor changes. This is important when it comes to detecting very small objects or differentiating between very fine contrasts. In general, fiber optic cables are used in conjunction with the appropriate evaluation unit and for object detecion the type of fiber optic cable is decisive)

Industrial cameras & vision sensors

  • (Modern image processing faces the challenge of successfully completing complex inspection tasks at top speed. Choosing to use Baumer vision components is the most important step on the way to a reliable solution. Our high-performance product portfolio - from cameras to vision sensors - with sensor resolution from VGA up to 48 megapixel, always offer exactly the right components for a wide range of applications.)

Distance Measurement

  • Sensors for detecting distances and distance information from the µm range to over 40 m

2D/3D Sensors

PosCon Profile Sensors 

  • (Unlike common profile sensors, the smart profile sensors PosCon offer complex functions like gap, edge or height measurement, preconfigured in an easy-to-operate, compact sensor. Thanks to their intelligent evaluation within the sensor, their standardized operating concept and robust housing, PosCon profile sensors are the ideal solution for measuring and inspection tasks.)

Light Band Sensors 

  • (In light-band sensors, the light of the integrated illumination is reflected by an opposite foil and received by the diode array. The length of the diode array together with the optics determines the measuring field size. Thanks to the narrow diode array, the measuring field is only a narrow strip. If an object shadows a part of the light, no light will fall on the corresponding part of the diode array. The integrated micro-controller analyzes the dark areas and the dark-bright transitions and calculates the corresponding analog value depending on the measuring mode. The light-band sensor has a parallel radiation field, which makes an object appear to be the same size at any measuring distance.)

Inclination Sensors

Function principle of inclination sensors

  • Tilt sensors measure the inclination angle of an object relative to the gravity of the earth without contact.
  • Thanks to the use of highly developed capacitive MEMS technology, tilt sensors are very precise and extremely robust, even in harsh environments.
  • One-dimensional sensors measure the inclination of an axis in the range of 360 °. Two-dimensional sensors simultaneously measure two axes up to a maximum of ± 90 °

Process Sensors

Pressure Transmitter 

  • Pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and pressure switches
  • Optimum technology for every application
  • Relative pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum measurement
  • Broad portfolio of process connections and adapters
  • ATEX approvals for potentially explosive atmospheres

Level Switch 

  • Maximum/minimum point level detection
  • Continuous level measurement
  • Detection of granular, viscous or liquid media
  • Detection non-contact or with media contact
  • Overfill protection

Conductivity Transmitter 

  • Either conductivity or concentration output
  • Large touch screen with variable display of process variables
  • Short response time and fast temperature compensation
  • Integrated programmable switching output
  • Hygienic and durable one-piece design

Conductivity Transmitter 

  • Quickly find matching accessories for your product and your application
  • Make installation much easier, noticeably shorten commissioning
  • Enable full functionality, high precision and long service life of our sensors

Baumer Encoders

Incremental Encoder

  • Precise position and speed feedback even in demanding environments
  • Compact in size
  • Robust and modular design
  • From 24 mm design on to 85 mm hollow shaft diameter
  • Precise optical or robust magnetic sensing
  • All common installation options, HTL, TTL and Sin/Cos output signals

Absolute Encoder

  • Absolutely universal - reliable position feedback without referencing, singleturn and multiturn technology
  • Magnetic or optical sensing - always the best technology for your application
  • Wide and convenient selection among all relevant signal interfaces & shaft versions
  • Compact designs from 28 mm for time- & space-saving installation

Bearing less Encoder

  • Durable and space-saving
  • Wearfree magnetic sensing technology
  • Space-saving short mounting depth
  • Reliable especially in most demanding environments
  • Incremental and absolute variants

HeavyDuty Absolute Encoders

  • Highly robust HeavyDuty mechanics and innovative technology
  • Precise, optical or magnetic scanning
  • Extensive interface portfolio and additional incremental signals
  • Maintenance-free, energy harvesting HeavyDuty revolution counter - without battery, without gearbox

HeavyDuty Absolute Encoders 

  • Unrivalled service life and reliability - the original Hübner Berlin
  • Proven HeavyDuty design with double-sided bearing setup
  • Precise speed signals for improved process control and process quality
  • Minimizing time and cost-intensive downtime
  • Benefit from more than 60 years of experience of the world market leader

HeavyDuty Tacho generator 

  • Unrivalled service life and reliability - the original LongLife from Hübner Berlin
  • Proven HeavyDuty design with bearings at both ends
  • LongLife commutator with silver track for consistently low contact resistance
  • Specific brush design for wearfree and longlife performance
  • Ideal in extreme climate and ambient conditions

Accessories Baumer

Cables And Adapters

  • Female connector, angled or straight
  • Female connector with cable, shielded or non-shielded
  • Versions from 2 to 12 terminals
  • Sheath material: PUR, PP, PVC, PE-X or RADOX
  • Ecolab certified, FDA compliant variants
  • Halogen-free variants

Mounting Accessories 

  • Mounting brackets, clamp and locking nuts for different diameters
  • Mounting bracket made of steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel
  • Mounting accessories for sensors in hygienic design made of V4A stainless steel (EHEDG certified)
  • Mounting brackets made of plastic
  • Adjustment accessories
  • Sensofix mounting kits


  • Different sizes and designs
  • Self-adhesive or screw mount
  • Stainless steel variants in hygienic design


Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a dealer, distributor & supplier of Burkert Make products in Vadodara, Vapi, Gujarat, India (North India & South India). We have available all models and it's parts at our Gujarat warehouse. 

  • Solenoid Valves
  • Water and other neutral media
  • Neutral gaseous media
  • Aggressive media
  • High pressure up to 250 bar
  • Steam up to 180 °C
  • Accessories
  • Process and Control valves
  • Diaphragm valve
  • Globe valve
  • Angle seat valve
  • Ball valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Positioner / Process Controller
  • Control Head
  • Pneumatic quarterturn actuators
  • Electric quarterturn actuators
  • Bellow Valve
  • Accessories
  • Pneumatics
  • Singular valves
  • Pilot valves
  • NAMUR valves
  • Manifolds
  • Valve units and automation systems
  • Flow and shut-off valves
  • Service units for compressed air
  • Cylinders
  • Accessories
  • Sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Analysis sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Gas Monitoring
  • Micro Fluidics
  • Solenoid valves for neutral media
  • Solenoid valves with isolating
  • diaphragm for neutral media
  • Solenoid valves with isolating
  • diaphragm for aggressive media
  • Proportional valves
  • Micro pumps
  • MFC / MFM, LFC/LFM & proportional valves
  • Mass Flow Controller / Mass Flow Meter
  • Liquid Flow Controller / Liquid Flow Meter
  • Proportional valves
  • Control Devices
  • Product types
  • Robolux
  • Product types


Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a dealer, distributor & supplier of Festo Make products in Vadodara, Vapi, Gujarat, India (North India & South India)

  • Cylinders with piston rod
  • Standards-based cylinders
  • Round cylinders
  • Stainless steel cylinders
  • Compact, short stroke & flat cylinder
  • Cartridge cylinder & multi mount cylinder
  • Cylinder with clamping unit
  • Rodless cylinders
  • Mechanical coupling
  • Magnetic coupling
  • Semi-rotary drives
  • Semi-rotary drives with rotary vane
  • Semi-rotary drives with rack & pinion
  • Swivel-linear drive units
  • Valves
  • Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves
  • Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves
  • Shut-off valves
  • Pressure control valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Proportional valves
  • Media and process valves
  • Pneumatic control systems
  • Accessories for valves
  • Stopper cylinders
  • DFST stopper cylinder
  • Stopper cylinders STA, STAF
  • Clamping cylinders
  • Clamping modules
  • Linear/swivel clamp
  • Valve terminals
  • Standards based valve terminals
  • Universal valve terminals
  • Application-specific valve terminals
  • Electrical peripherals
  • Accessories for valve terminals
  • Rotary indexing tables
  • DHTG rotary indexing table
  • Pneumatic feed units
  • Feed units BV
  • Servo drives for process automation
  • Semi-rotary drives for process automation
  • Linear drives for process automation
  • Accessories for drives for process automation 
  • Cylinder-valve combinations
  • Configurable cylinder and valve combinations DNC-V
  • Shock absorbers
  • Shock absorbers DYSR
  • Shock absorbers YSR-C
  • Shock absorbers YSRW
  • Shock absorbers YSRWJ
  • Shock absorbers DYEF
  • Shock absorbers DYSC
  • Shock absorbers DYSW
  • Hydraulic cushioning cylinder DYHR, YD, YZL
  • Cylinder attachments and accessories
  • Mounting components for drive units
  • Mounting components for sensors
  • Piston rod attachments
  • Accessories for direct valve mounting
  • Linear guides
  • Clamping elements
  • Freewheel unit
  • Accessories for cushioning components
  • Drive-specific accessories


  • Industrial Shock Absorbers
  • Safety Shock Absorbers
  • PET and GLASS Shock Absorbers
  • AGS Gas Springs
  • Hydraulic Dampers
  • Velocity and Feed Controllers
  • View Stainless Steel Shock Absorbers for Extreme Operating Environments
  • View New Generation SCP2 PET Container Industry Shock Absorbers Catalog
  • View the Rotary Dampers Catalog
  • View the TUBUS Elastomer Bumpers Catalog
  • View LOCKED SERIES Catalog - Pneumatic Safety Clamping Products for Linear Rail Systems, Guideways & Rods


  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure Switches
  • Flowmeter


Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a leading importer, distributor and dealer of Baumer Encoder, Baumer Sensors in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. 

Sensors for industrial applications

  • Inductive sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Magnetic cylinder sensors
  • Precision limit switches My-Com
  • Vision Sensors
  • Rotational angle sensors for drive technology and automation
  • Absolute Encoder
  • Incremental Encoder
  • Encoder without bearing
  • Tachogenerators and Resolvers
  • Speed switches
  • Format alignment
  • Inclination Sensors
  • Counters and Tachometers
  • Digital cameras and systems for industrial image processing
  • Industrial Cameras
  • Vision Sensors
  • Image Processing Systems
  • Individual solutions in high speed adhesive application
  • Cold glue application guns
  • Cold glue delivery units
  • Hotmelt Units
  • Hotmelt application guns
  • Glue controllers
  • Quality assurance sensors and system

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