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Dairy Chemicals In India | Gujarat | Vadodara

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a leading exporter importer suppliers manufacturer of dairy chemicals @ Vadodara-Gujarat- India since 2009. We offer high quality dairy chemicals for various treatments in dairy industry. Please find list of products available with us for dairy treatment. 

We develop a wide spectrum of specialized detergents for dairy industries. Our products are offered with germicidal effects. These are used for cleaning of food & pharmaceuticals making machinery and equipment. Available at competent cost these chemicals are highly effective.


Milk Testing Chemicals | Fat Fast Solution

The chemicals offered by us help in improving the taste and lifespan of milk. Our exclusive range of these chemicals is well tested through various parameters to meet the customers’ requirements.


  • Well tested
  • Highly effective
  • Précised composition


Packing: 100 ml in Bottle

  • Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces
  • Delivery Time: 2-3 DAYS
  • Packaging Details: SINGLE BOX CONTAIN 100 BOTTLES.

Milk Testing Strips | India | Gujarat | Vadodara

  • We are engaged in offering excellent quality Milkystix-G to our valuable clients.
  • To detect adulteration in Milk
  • Testing in Milk for Glucose, Maltos, Urea, Salt, Soda, Neutralizer, synthetic milk
  • 100 strips in 1 bottle.

Milk Analyzer Cleaning Chemical

we providing superior grade Milk Analyzer Cleaning Chemical to our precious customers. Our offered Milk Analyzer Cleaning Chemical is widely appreciated by our customers, which are situated all round the nation. Known for its best quality, clients can avail this Milk Analyzer Cleaning Chemical at industry leading prices from us.

Satol Brand Dairy Chemicals

Dairy and Food Processing Chemicals - Satol Brand in India, Gujarat, Baroda

Alkaline Cleaners

  • SATOL AC – Alkaline Caustic Additive, which is a combination of highly concentrated cleaner with low foaming surfactants for reducing surface tension and cationic disinfectant for quick sanitation. Usage reduces the caustic soda consumption with excellent cleaning results.
  • SATOL HAC – High alkaline liquid cleaner with a combination of Non Ionic surfactants, Sodium Hydroxide and Phosphates. Non Ionic surfactant reduces the surface tension, Sodium Hydroxide provides cleaning effect and Phosphates provide penetration effects.
  • SATOL GC – Germicidal cleaner with combination of concentrated cleaner and high foaming surfactant, which reduces the surface tension and cationic based disinfectant offers quick sanitation. So it works as a cleaner as well as a disinfectant. It can be applied as a high foaming surfactant used for cleaning of bottles, crates, cans, floor, trays etc.
  • SATOL NAC – Specially developed alkaline cleaner for stringent ETP standards. It is a combination of Non Ionic Surfactants and Alkali which can be applied as additive to caustic for CIP and also for manual cleaning of external surfaces like crates, cans, floor, trays etc.

 Acidic Cleaners

  • SATOCID – Low foaming acidic cleaner cum sanitizer for CIP. Effective removal of milkstone from tanks and vessels without any affects on material of construction.
  • SATOL DS – Excellent descaler which efficiently removes Ca and Mg scales from any hard surface with immediate prevention from new scale deposits. It can be used directly as well as in combination with acid solution in CIP systems.

 Foamless Cleaners

  • SATOL FAC – Foamless caustic additive germicidal cleaner for cleaning and disinfection during CIP process. It can be used in CIP circuits as well as for general manual cleaning depending upon application requirement.
  • SATOBASE FL – Liquid alkaline foamless cleaner with perfect blend of Non Foaming Surfactants and Sodium Hypochlorite. The presence of surfactants offer wetting action and potassium hydroxide provides a strong detergent & descaling effect. It is very effective for use in daily cleaning applications of Milk Collection and Processing Equipments like milking machines, bulk milk coolers etc.
  • SATOCID FL – Acidic nature foamless cleaner developed for daily use in the Food Processing Industries, especially at Milk Collection & Processing Units. It is a perfect blend of inorganic acids and non foaming surfactants.


  • SATONIL PA (5 & 15%) – Fast action sanitizer based on stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid for application in Dairy & Food Processing Units. It is highly effective against most of the microorganisms and viruses even in cold water. Peracetic Acid provides fast sanitizing and Hydrogen Peroxide renders the product suitable for flushing or immersion with better results when compared with Quarts, Phenols, Aldehydes & Halogens.
  • SATONIL – Specially developed new generation odourless, tasteless and non toxic cold disinfectant with combination of highly concentrate Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Cations.

 Powder based Additive

  • SATOL P –   Powder based caustic additive for internal cleaning and disinfection of tanks, equipments and very soiled pipework. It is a perfect combination of non ionic and cationic biodegradable surfactants with speciality phosphate and sequesting agents.

Foam Cleaners

  • SATFOAM CL – Liquid alkaline chlorinated foam cleaner developed for daily open plant cleaning requirements. The product is a perfect blend of potassium hydroxide, high foaming surfactants and hypochlorite. The presence of surfactants offers an improved sanitizing action and potassium hydroxide provides a strong detergent effect.
  • SANIFOAM – Acidic nature foam cleaner developed for cleaning applications in food processing industries such as beverage, dairy and brewery units. It is a perfect blend of inorganic acid and foaming agents. It also has its applications in fish processing and poultry units for quick cleaning of the processing areas.