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Protective Coatings & Industrial Painting

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Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and service provider of protective coatings & industrial painting in Vadodara, Gujarat, India since 2009.

Protective Coatings & Industrial Painting is a big field covering various aspects of conventional to specially designed hi-technology coatings. In simple words, the main motto here is to preserve the originality of the asset (steel) and its life for longer period. We strongly believe this can be achieved by perfect combination of

1) Perfect selection of Painting System
We always understand all the requirements of our clients, type of products manufactured & raw materials used, hazardous exposures of products & raw materials to steel structures and study environmental conditions of work site. It thus helps in selecting the best suitable Painting System.

2) Quality of Raw Materials
As good workmanship is needed to achieve desired quality of work, the Quality of Raw Materials used is also equally important factor to achieve best results. We therefore always prefer to use the best quality Paints, Primers, Thinners, Coating Materials, etc. from branded manufacturers like Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Shalimar Paints, Nerolac Paints, ICI Dulux, Sika India, Pidilite, Fosroc, Conmix, Grand Polycoats, Snowcem, etc.

3) Quality of Workmanship
We always take extra care for surface preparation as it is the most important thing when it comes to painting or coating, whether it is done manually or by Blasting. We apply matching combinations of Primers, Intermediates & Finish Paints manually or by spraying after preparing the surface area by manually degreasing, scrapping & wire brushing or by Blasting.

We undertake all kind of Industrial Painting Jobs for applying Epoxy, Polyurethane, Chlorinated Rubber, Heat/Temperature Resisting Silicone Aluminum, Cold Galvanising, Synthetic, Special Protective, etc. paints to various Industrial areas like high rise Steel Structures, Telecommunication Towers, Roof Structures, Equipments, Pipelines, Vessels, Tanks, Reactors, Chimneys, Heavy Engineering Machineries, Pumps & Motors, Galvanised Cooling Ducts, etc.

We also provide services in Anti Static, ESD, Di-electric Coating, Structural Coatings in Gujarat, India, Vadodara

Di-Electric Coatings in Gujarat | India

Due to the presence of state of the art Di-electric properties in the paints, the concrete floors will not show any deterioration or any wear and tear with flux of time. Therefore, these unique paints have leading edge over the rubber mating that is extensively being used at different places. Di Electric paints are quite comfortable for easy cleaning as compared to the corrugated matting.

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd.  provides state of art dielectric paint solutions designed for various industry needs. We have team of experts who have experience in application of industrial paints in various types of industrial set ups. At Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd., our keen focus is to bring valuable difference in the interiors of the industrial environments. 

Advantages of Dielectric Paints:

  • It has Excellent Insulation & Moisture Absorption Facilities
  • Shows High Resistance to Acid, Oils and Fumes
  • Provides Within Budget Painting
  • Variable Coating Thickness – (100 microns to 5000 microns)
  • Applied in Metals, Concrete and Wooden Surfaces
  • Completely Lead Free
  • Extremely Low or Zero VOC
  • Very High Dielectric Value /mm
  • Provides Protection Against Oxidation and Weathering
  • The Seamless / Monolithic Feature Makes Di Electric Paints Joint Free

USP Compositions:

  • Di Electric Paint Solutions @ Competitive Prices
  • Attendance to Tank Seals within 24 Hrs.
  • Follow IS Standards on Di Electric Paints
  • Strict Time Schedules Adhered
  • Innovative Di Electric Paint Solutions
  • Professional Consultations

Our Application Areas:

  • Electronic & Telecommunication Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • AC plant rooms
  • Switch yard equipment
  • DSN Antenna
  • Electric sub stations
  • Transformers rooms
  • In front of electrical panels
  • Flexible electronic substrates
  • Solar cell production
  • Generator rooms
  • LT/HT labs
  • Bus bars

Antistatic Electro dissipative Coating of HALAR, ETFE, PFA, ETC

​Our organization hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying superior grade Anti Static Floor Coating Epoxy in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Our offered Anti Static Floor Coating Epoxy is widely appreciated by our customers, which are situated all round the nation. Known for its best quality, clients can avail this Anti Static Floor Coating Epoxy at industry leading prices from us.

To retain our goodwill in client's consideration, we are imparting our clients Anti Static Flooring Service. We render the service of coating the floor that is highly resistant to electric current who work in the environment where there are high chances of accidents due to electrical shock. This service is carried out under the stern surveillance of our adept professionals using advanced techniques. Our professionals ensure our clients that the service, provided by us is flawless and is executed in an excellent manner.

  • We are applying Anti- Static (Electro Dissipative Halar / PFA coatings for chemical process equipment for handling corrosive chemical as well as dissipating undesirable static charge. Undesirable Static charges is generated during handling & storing of Solvents or during handling or generation of fine organic powders. There is potential risk of explosive vapour / Air Mixture or powder / Air Mixture. If any accidental sparking due to friction ,will lead to fire & explosion. The as-HALAR / PFA Coatings supplied by us is Conductive through out its layers & dissipate Static charges in less than 0.1 seconds. It reduces explosion hazard & saves loss of life & equipments.
  • This as coating has excellen chemical resisance along with electro conductive property .It is food compatible . Further it is also economoical than exotic metals like Hastelloy, Titanium, Incolloy,Menol,Nickel etc.
  • This Coating is used in Reaction vessels, Centrifuges, Receiver / Dosing Tanks, Distillation Columns, Filters, Pipes, Fittings & Valves.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Vadodara | Gujarat | India

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and service provider of epoxy floor coatings designer, epoxy floor coaching with burning, epoxy lining, brick lining and floor painting. 

The challenges for flooring systems in manufacturing generally in production areas. The floor not only has to withstand severe exposure including mechanical, chemicals, pharma and thermal stresses, but also needs to provide the right degree of slip resistance to meet health and safety standards. 

We select or recommend the design of epoxy floor coating after studying certain consideration. We are providing best epoxy solution for your floorings. 

Acid Proof Brick Lining

Acid Proof Brick Lining are Prime and most effective material amongst all other anti-corrosive systems. The major Corrosion problems in all types of Industrial plants are solved by laying & fixing of Acid Proof Brick Lining.

Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coatings are hard wearing and durable solutions for both commercial and industrial flooring. These floor coatings can be applied over concrete floors to provide a high performance, attractive surface. At Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. Services, our epoxy flooring experts have experience installing epoxy floor coatings for a variety of commercial and industrial buildings including in industrial manufacturing plants, commercial facilities, warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, food and beverage plants, laboratories, and more.

Clean Room Technology in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Tejas Parikh Pvt. ltd. is a leading service provider of Clean room technology for Pharma, Chemicals, Food, Cosmetic, Engineering, Dairy Industry in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

List of Our services :

  • Clean room & Lab Solution 
  • Modular Partition
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Door
  • Laboratory Furniture / Casework
  • Cross Over Bench & Garment Cabinets
  • Structural Glazing Work
  • ACP Structrual Glazing Work / Canopy
  • Flush Doors
  • Clean room partitions
  • Glazed Vision Panels
  • Fume Hoods

Our Services

  • Structural floor coating in Gujarat, Vadodara.
  • Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Acid Proof Brick Lining
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Synthetic Floor Painting
  • Acid Proof Material
  • Water Proofing Contractor
  • Lining Acid Proof
  • Water Proofing Building Foundation
  • Water Proofing Cement
  • Water Proofing Silicon Coated
  • Water Proofing Sunk
  • Water Proofing Tank
  • Water Proofing Tarfelt
  • Water Proofing Terrace
  • Water Proofing Bitumen
  • Water Proofing Brick Bat Coba
  • Lining Anti Corrosive
  • Lining Anti Corrosive Manufacturer
  • Lining Frp
  • Lining Frp Contractor
  • Chemical Water Proofing
  • Water Proofing Swimming Pools
  • Water Proofing Admixture
  • Water Proofing Basement
  • Water Proofing Bathroom
  • Water Proofing Bitumen Based
  • Water Proofing Industrial
  • Waterproofing Work
  • Waterproofing Product Dealers Dr Fixit
  • Epoxy Flooring Dealers
  • Waterproofing Membrane
  • Waterproofing Epoxy Dealers
  • Epoxy Coating Dealers
  • Acid Proof Tile Dealers
  • Acid Proof Lining Dealers
  • Lining Acid Proof Brick Dealers

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