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In the present day fast developing economy, time has become a limited asset in for everyone. One can hardly see anyone idle and not engaged in progressive work. Be it in a private government or any other home based earning work, everyone including mothers has been also looking forward to earning and contributing to their households. As such, they do not get much time to look into the studies and to teach their children at home.

When we take up the matter of studies of children, the curriculum course has also been much upgraded in comparison to what their parents learnt before. As such, in addition to time, lack of awareness of the current curriculum of the students also acts as a setback to teaching the children. This is why households need home tuitions for their children.

Home tuitions are a good way of enabling the child to learn at home under the supervision of the parent. Home tuitions not only save time for both the child and the parent but it also helps the parent to be aware fully of the learning status of the child. The home tutor can easily be in better touch with the parent and can give the educational status and development report of the child. The home tutor can also discuss the areas of development of the child to the parent which will enable the parent to look into the study course at other times. Nowadays, the study course includes much wider concepts and knowledge terms with advanced updated information. As such, for the parent who is not always in touch with the updated course finds it difficult to regularly teach the child. In that case, though the child is constantly studying, if he or she is not a much bright student, finds it difficult to cope with the ongoing studies at school and keep up with them. This is why home tuition is very much important for children.

In another case with working parents especially in  city like Vapi, Vadodara, Surat, Anand, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India they do not get much time out from their routine life to look after the studies of their children. The parents after working also need to look after the children and the maintenance of the households. This is why they do not get much time to spare to look into the studies of their children. In that case, home tuitions is very important for the educational development of the child.

Home tuition & Private Tutors in Gujarat

Looking for Home Tuitions / Private Tutors near you? Look no further. We are a tutoring agency based in  Vadodara & Vapi providing private home tutors who are not only proficient professionals in their teaching subject, but also have passion for imparting knowledge. As the level of education grows today, so does the challenges for the students. Brilliant, average or poor Student, everyone can use a home tutor for further improvement. That is why we are here to help you getting a private tutor matching your requirement & capabilites. .
Parents want to give their children the best possible edge; however, there is no time for trial and error. So keeping in mind the requirements of both students and parents, we, TEJAS PARIKH Home Tuition, leading provider of home tuitions in Vadodara & Vapi (Gujarat, India), are available for assistance with exceptional expertise and proven results. We are an educational consultants with core focus on quality using the latest teaching methods and the best possible home tutors available.


IGCSE is one of the most highly recognised board in India and worldwide. The reason of its recent popularity is its appeal to global audience which helps students get recognition, progress and success. Our experienced home tutors in mumbai are very well versed with the pattern of IGCSE board and are best suited to guide IGCSE student who needs assistance in school curriculum. We have witnessed our IGCSE tuition students thrive, be it any subject - English, Math, Science or Social studies and improve their performance. To know more Contact us today


ICSE board is an Indian board of examination which has very well organized syllabus, exam pattern and schooling structure. It is challenging as well as focuses on each subject topic in detail which helps students get thorough understanding and improve analytical abilities. 
Get ICSE-experienced private home tutors near you- (Vadodara, Vapi, Silvassa, Daman, Gujarat, India) and join our increasing number of students who have not only improved but also excelled in their academia. 
Get a home tutor with us today!


Looking for CBSE home tuitions in Mumbai? CBSE board is one of the most popular education board in India with special emphasis to subjects like Science, Mathematics.
CBSE board is specially helpful for students who envisage for admissions in institues like IIT, since their base in technical subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths is already established. 
However, given the difficulty level of such subjects, students may need expert guidance to excel. Our private tutors for CBSE board will help CBSE students in clearning every topic related doubts with thorough practise and ample number of test. 
Contact us today for CBSE home tuitions in Vapi, Vadodara, Silvassa, Daman, Gujarat, India


International Baccalaureate or simply known as IB Board follows very analytical approach with students at the centre. 
IB board has international recogition and thus the transition of student from home country to foreign country for further studies is quite smoother. 
The teaching and learning method in IB is based on reasearch and anlaysis. 
Find an IB home tutor in Mumbai who is well-conversant with the teaching methods and can handle every subject in proficient manner. 
Private tuitions for IB & Checkpoint is availbale in Vapi, Daman, Silvassa, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. 

  • English Language & English Literature
  • Individuals and Societies (History, Geography, etc.)
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Experimental Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc)
  • Second Languages
  • For IB Home tuitions, Contact us in Vadodara & Vapi.


Indian School Certificate or ISC Board is the elder sibling of ICSE. It is 10+2 examination held for students. 
English is the compulsory subject with list of electives subjects like - geography, sociology, history, physics, biology, chemistry etc. 
Get home tutors for ISC board today!


TEJAS PARIKH Tuition is a revolutionary product by our company, developed to help the students ease the burden of studies and score more marks. TEJAS PARIKH Home Tuition is an innovative educational content for the students of Gujarat State Board’s 10, 11- 12 (Science), JEE Main, NEET, Gujcet standards for all subjects, available in Gujarati & English medium as per the syllabus.

With the stress and difficulties in education arising every day, we have created content which will help the students learn in a better and a new way. It is said what we see (visuals) is often remembered more than what we simply just read. Keeping that concept in mind, we have converted the black and white textbook into live video content explaining each chapter and subject in detail.

Gujarat Board Home tuitions in Vapi, Silvassa, Daman, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. 

Gujarat State Board Exam (SSC/HSC), GSEB Board Exam, 11th Science Gujarat Board, 12th Science Gujarat Board Exam Coaching.


હોમ ટ્યુશન ક્લાસ

  • ધો. ૮ થી ૧૨ સાયન્સ ઘરે બેઠા ભણો 
  • વડોદરા અને વાપી માં 
  • સાથે જેઈઈ તથા નીટ પરિક્ષા ની તૈયારી 
  • ફોન - ૯૯૭૮૭૮૭૮૦૫

Individual approach to education

if your aim is to improve your aptitude and knowledge base in a particular field, all education pertaining to this subject will useful. If this statement is assumed true, then the benefits afforded by private tuition are enormous. You will have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with their lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for you! It seems impossible to doubt the enormous benefits this will offer. In a classroom, one teacher may be faced with around thirty pupils, each with different abilities, different rates of learning, and individual strengths and weaknesses; yet despite this, for the majority of the lesson the teacher will be forced to treat his class as if it contained just one student.


For Science stream we have experienced and qualified home tutors for Maths, Physics home tutors, Chemistry tutors, tutors for Biology .

For Commerce stream we have tutors for all the subjects like: Economics, Accounts, O.C , Book keeping etc.Apart from that tutors for common subjects like: English, English literature, Social studies/science (History, Geography, Topography) Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, French etc. are available. We currently serve students from 6th grade upto graduation specifically for 9th ,10th, 11th ,12th standards.

If you are looking for a home tutors in Vapi & Vadodara (Gujarat, India), contact us and ask for an expert!

Kindergarten Class 1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 4th Class 5th Class 6th Class 7th Class 8th Class 9th Class 10th Class 11th Commerce Class 11th Science Class 12th Class 12th Commerce Class 12th Science Home tuitions in Vadodara, Vapi, Silvassa, Daman, Surat, Gujarat, India.

6th Class

Pre Action Course 
Maths, Science, Social studies & English with Olympiad and aptitude + Excellence School Examination.

10th Class

Pre-Foundation Course 
JEE-IIT/NEET, NATA, Pre-Foundation Course CPT, CLAT, UPSC, Maths, Science, Social studies & English with Olympaid + Excellence School Examination.

7th Class

Action Course 
Maths, Science, Social studies & English with Olympiad and aptitude + Excellence School Examination.

11th Class

Foundation Course 
JEE-IIT / NEET, NATA, CPT, CLAT, UPSC + Science + Commerce + Excellence School Examination.


8th Class

Mission Course 
Maths, Science, Social studies & English with Olympiad and aptitude + Excellence School Examination.

12th Class

Target Course 
JEE-IIT/ NEET, NATA, CPT, CLAT, UPSC + Science + Commerce + Excellence School Examination.

9th Class

Aim Course 
Maths, Science, Social studies & English with Olympiad and aptitude + Excellence School Examination.

12th + Class

Crash Course + Target Course 
Entrance exam for JEE-IIT/ NEET, NATA, CPT, CLAT, UPSC,CA / CS / CWA + Science & commerce,
Maths Olympiad.