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We are a leading importer, supplier, dealer & distributor of Rossi Italy make all series gearbox in Vadodara, Ankleshwar, Vapi, Surat, Ahemdabad, Dahej, Mumbai, Gujarat, Udaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Our series :

  • Customized Gearboxes
  • Shaft Mounted Gear Units
  • Helical Bevel Gear Units
  • Gear Reducers
  • Heli Bevel Gear Units
  • Bevel Gear Units
  • Gear motors
  • Planetary Gear units/Gearbox
  • Motion Control gearboxes
  • Worm Reduction Gearbox
  • Shaft Mounted Gearbox
  • Stone Crusher Gearbox
  • Conveyor Gearbox
  • Vertical Worm Gearbox
  • Nu Type Gear Box
  • Worm Wheel Gear
  • Bevel Helical Gearboxes
  • Horizontal worm gearbox
  • Input output hollow gearbox
  • Compound gear box
  • Vertical downward / upward gear box
  • Hollow adopter
  • Tubemill gear box
  • Planetary Gearbox solution

Email -, Mobile - +91 9978787805

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Tejas parikh pvt. ltd., India is a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Hand Sanitizers, IPA based sanitizer, Ethyl Alcohol-Ethanol based, Herbal Hand Sanitizers with international & genuine quality. 

Hand sanitizers Uses

Hand sanitizer is a liquid or gel generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Formulations of the alcohol-based type are preferable to hand washing with soap and water in most situations in the healthcare setting. It is generally more effective at killing microorganisms and better tolerated than soap and water. Hand washing should still be carried out if contamination can be seen or following the use of the toilet & other applications. The general use of non-alcohol based versions has no recommendations. Outside the health care setting, hand washing is generally preferred. They are also less effective for microorganisms norovirus, and Clostridium difficile. They are mostly available as liquids, gels, and foams.

Alcohol-based versions typically contain some combination of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol. Versions that contain 60 to 95% alcohol are most effective. Care should be taken as they are flammable. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer works against a variety of microorganisms but not spores. Some versions contain compounds such as glycerol to prevent drying of the skin. Non-alcohol based versions may contain benzalkonium chloride or triclosan.


CONTACT FOR PRICE (+91 9978787805)
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TPPL are a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Hand Sanitizer raw material from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. 

  • IPA - Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Glycerine
  • CAPB
  • Carbomer
  • Thickner / Carbomer / Carbopol
  • N Propanol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Peracetic Acid
  • Ingredient for Hair Sanitizer

Available in bulk and small quantity.

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We are Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of Activated carbon.

We Offer:

  • Steam Activated Carbon
  • Pelletized Activated Carbon
  • Granular Activated carbon
  • Powder Activated carbon

Activated carbon are the most Powerful adsorbents Known .It is basically a solid material consisting mainly of pure carbon.A characteristic feature is its porous structure and the resulting immense surface area which may be as large as 1500 m²/gm.Due to its exceptional adsorption qualities,activated carbon is widely used in process destined to purify,discolor,recuperate and remove odors at low cost and superior efficiency. Activated Carbon work on the principle of adsorption.Adsorption is an  interfacial process involving the collection of gaseous or solute components on the surface of adsorbent solids.This phenomenon is associated with physical attractive forces that bind gaseous and solute molecules commonly known as Van-Der-Walls forces.Adsorption is thus a physical process,i.e the substances adsorbed on the solid do not undergo any chemical reaction with the latter.The adsorbing solid is referred to as adsorbent and the substances to be adsorbed from liquid or the gas phase as the solute.

The adsorption power and rate is determined by the kind of activated carbon ,the particle size,the pore size and its distribution.

Pore Sizes and its distribution

when the carbon is activated it leads  to opening of various pores in its structure.

The pores with diameters exceeding 500 A° are called macropores or the transport pores.These pores are larger larger pores and are not responsible for adsorption directly but they act as wide paths through which organic molecules penetrate .Thus they transport the adsorbate to the adsorption site,which are located inside the particle.A full network of transport pores needs to be distributed through out the carbon particle to take the adsorbate to the smallest adsorption pore site,

Pore with diameter below 50 A° are called micropores or the adsorption pores.These are the finest pores,which are located inside the carbon particle where the adsorption actually takes place.

The most common parameter to check the adsorption power of activated carbon is called methylene blue adsorption.The methylene blue indicator is a chemical having particle size 12 A° which prevents it form adsorbing on the adsorption pores,which are smaller than 12 A°,That is why an activated carbon with a uniform and better pore size distribution will not give high methylene blue value but will work better as it will adsorb impurities which are very small in size.

Applications of Activated Carbon:

  • Effluent Treatment Plant to reduce BOD/COD/Color from industrial waste water
  • Purification of drinking water,Air and Gas mask
  • To absorb moisture from compressed air for paint shop
  • To De-chlorinate soft drink plant process water & swimming pools
  • To remove oil from hot condensate
  • To remove oil vapor from Gas Stream
  • Solvent recovery & gold recovery
  • Removal of dissolved organic impurities
  • To remove odor
  • Breweries & Distilleries
  • Catalyst carrier in petroleum refineries
  • Purification of carbon dioxide & industrial gas
  • Decolorisation of plasticizer, glycerin,fine chemicals,dies intermediates,pharmaceutical bulk drug,food colors, sugar solution, glucose,dextrose,lactose & other starch sugar solution.(vegetable oil & fats, herbal products)
  • Used in pharmaceutical formulation,IV fluid & laboratory chemicals,Pesticides & insecticide industries

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Sodium Sulfate

Manufacturer & Supplier of Sodium Sulfate 99% pure quality in India. We have stock of Sodium sulfate byproduct, technical, agriculture & pharma grade. 

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Sodium Dicyanamide

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company & importer, supplier & manufacturer of Sodium Dicyanamide chemicals  in Vadodara, Gujarat, India since 2009. 

With enriched industrial experience and knowledge, we are providing a qualitative grade of Sodium Dicyanamide chemical. Available in different sizes packaging options, this chemical is processed by our experienced professionals using excellent grade chemical compounds and advanced processing technology. The provided chemical is highly demanded by the clients due to its reliable usage and optimum purity. Furthermore, Offered chemical can be availed by our respected clients at nominal prices.

Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and most trusted name for supply of Sodium Dicyanamide in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. For any requirement in Sodium Dicyanamide please feel free to contact us.

  • Molecular Formula - C2N3Na (Sodium Dicyanamide)
  • Molecular weight - 89.03
  • Purity - 99.9%min
  • Appearance - White or off white   powder
  • Packing - 25 Kgs HDPE Bags 

Indian States - Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, North India, South India.

Europe - Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom (UK), Vatican City (Holy See)

Africa Branches - Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Tunisia , DR Congo, Ghana , Libya, Ivory Coast , Cameroon, Uganda , Zambia , Mozambique, Senegal, Zimbabwe  , Gabon, Botswana, Namibia, South Sudan, Chad , Mauritius, Burkina Faso, Mali, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Congo, Rwanda, Benin, Niger, Guinea, Malawi, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Swaziland, Togo, Burundi, Lesotho, Liberia, Djibouti, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Seychelles, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia, Somalia , Comoros, São Tomé and Príncipe

Worldwide - Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Austrian Empire, Azerbaijan, Baden*, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bavaria*, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin (Dahomey), Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Brunswick and Lüneburg, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso (Upper Volta), Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Central American Federation*, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Costa Rica, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czechia, Czechoslovakia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Germany (German Democratic Republic), Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Federal Government of Germany (1848-49)*, Fiji, Finland, France, Gabon, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Hanover*, Hanseatic Republics*, Hawaii*, Hesse*, Holy See, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kingdom of Serbia/Yugoslavia*, Kiribati, Korea, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Lew Chew (Loochoo)*, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mecklenburg-Schwerin*, Mecklenburg-Strelitz*, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nassau*, Nauru, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North German Confederation*, North German Union*, Norway, Oldenburg*, Oman, Orange Free State*, Pakistan, Palau, Panama, Papal States*, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Piedmont-Sardinia*, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Genoa*, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Republic of the Congo, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Schaumburg-Lippe*, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Texas*, Thailand, The Bahamas, The Cayman Islands, The Congo Free State, The Duchy of Parma*, The Gambia, The Grand Duchy of Tuscany*, The Netherlands, The Solomon Islands, The United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Two Sicilies*, Uganda, Ukraine, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics*, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Württemberg*, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe

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