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Are you searching for used machinery, second hand machinery, complete running industrial unit, a sick unit or do you have something to offer yourself then you are here at the right place.
Tejas Parikh Pvt. Ltd. is active in buying and selling used machinery, industrial units, and acting as an intermediary, this varies from individual used machines to complete running industrial unit. Think of it, in a timely and cost-efficient way, We delivers you the best possible used machinery, or a complete running industrial unit, tailored to your exact manufacturing needs. Get the right equipment at right price and at from the right place.
Contact for sale purchase of all type of Used Machinery such as - Steam Boilers, Chemical Machinery, Ceramic Machinery, Cement Plant Machinery, Cattle Feed Plant Machinery, D.G. Sets, Electric Motor, Earthmoving Machineries, Engineering Machineries, Ginning Machinery, Grinding Machinery, Ice Plant, Khandsari, Oil Mill Machinery, Oil Refinery, Paper and Pulp Unit, Plastic Machinery, Printing Machineries, Pesticides Machinery, Quarry Machineries, Rolling Mill, Rice-Pulse-Besan-Mill, Rubber Factory, Solvent Extraction Plant, Sugar Plant Machinery, Textile Machineries, Tin Factory, Utensil Unit, Weighbridge and Many More Used Machinery.

Why to buy used machinery ?

Since changing technology involves huge capital investments and arranging such amount of capital is not possible for the small and medium enterprises, Our range also includes Old Machinery like Chemical Plants, Refinery etc. at highly competitive prices. With an innovative line of products coupled with better after sales services and timely deliveries, we offer true value for money to our clients. 

Using our wealth of experience and expertise, we source only the best products from reliable sources. The quality of our products is guaranteed, and we aim to deliver only reliable and cost effective products to our clients. We are committed to deliver the best, thus leaving no room for consumer grievances.

We buy & sell used machinery for Industries like :

  • Textile Industries 
  • Pharma Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Dyes & Paints Industries
  • Food Industries

We stock and sell machines from world’s finest machine tool manufacturers like:
Mori Seiki, Hitachi Seiki, Makino, Mazak, Kita Mura, Nakamura, Takisawa, Dainichi, Matsuura, Daewoo, Doosan, Ajax Victor, Leadwell, Yang, Supermax, Amada etc.

We are the well known and reputed Importers of Used Machines in india.

We sold lot of Used machines in Bangalore, Used Crane in Bangalore,Used machines in Ahmedabad, used machines in Chennai, Used machines in Coimbatore, Used machinery in Hyderabad, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Pune and all Across Gujarat & Delhi India.

We deal in Used CNC Lathe machines, Conventional Lathe,Vertical lathe (VTL), Vertical machining (VMC), Horizantal Boring (HBM)Horizontal machining (HMC),Table type Boring, floor Boring,Deep hole drilling, Radial drilling, Milling machines, Planer and Plano miller,Gear Line machinery,Gear Grinding,Gear Hobbing,Power Presses,Sheet metal working machines and Also Used Mobile Cranes.

Some of the famous brands specialized in producing Metal Working Machines are Wmw, Schiess, Tos, Jung, Niles, Weipert, Aba, Moriseiki,

Mitsuiseiki, Agie, Boehringer, Cincinnati, Colchester, Collet, Cresta, Deckel, Gildemeister, Heckert, Heller, Maho, Scharmann.

Used Machinery

  • Alfa Laval Machinery
  • Bottling Plant
  • Cattle Feed Machinery
  • Cement Plant
  • Ceramic Machinery
  • Chemical And Pharma Machinery
  • Chilling Plant
  • Cooling Tower
  • Cosmetic Machinery
  • Dairy - Milk Processing Plant
  • Diesel Generator Sets
  • Earthmoving Machinery
  • Electric Motors
  • Engineering Machinery
  • Food Processing And Beverages Machinery
  • Ginning Pressing Machinery
  • Grain Processing Machinery
  • Laboratory Equipments
  • Medical Equipment
  • Mineral Grinding And Processing Machinery
  • Miscellenious Machinery
  • Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants
  • Packaging And Printing Machinery
  • Paper And Pulp Machinery
  • Plastic Machinery
  • Plywood And Laminate Industry
  • Power Plant
  • Refinery And Oil Mill
  • Rolling Mill
  • Rubber Machinery
  • Solvent Extraction Plant
  • Steam Boilers And Thermic Fluid Heaters
  • Storage Tanks
  • Sugar Mill Machinery
  • Textile Machinery
  • Transformer
  • Weigh Bridge

Why used machinery ?

Machinery running in any plant are "USED MACHINERY."

Used machinery may be the right alternative for a small producer looking to expand capacity, a startup machine shop needing to stretch its budget, or even a manufacturing giant replacing defunct machinery. One of the bonuses of buying used machinery is that most items found on the second hand market are in good condition.

List of Used machinery

  • All Types Of Gear Cutting & Grinding Machines.
  • Angle Bending
  • Bandsaw
  • Bandsaw 
  • Bending
  • Beneficiation
  • Boring
  • Boring Floor
  • Boring Jig
  • Boring Machine Used
  • Boring Table
  • Briquetting Plant
  • Broach Grinder
  • Broach Sharpner
  • Broaching
  • Broaching Machine 
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Cement Plant
  • Centering And Facing
  • Clay Bricks Manufacturing Plant
  • CNC Machine
  • Commercial Land & Building 
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Cranes
  • Crankshaft Whirl Mill 
  • Crushers
  • Double Head Tapper
  • Drill Column
  • Drill Multi Spindle
  • Drill Radial
  • Drilling Machine 
  • Facing & Centring
  • Facing & Centring 
  • Forging Unit
  • Furnace
  • Gasparini Shear Machine
  • Gatti Shearing Machine Cga 3030
  • Gear Grinder
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Gear Machine
  • Gear Shaper
  • Gear Shaver
  • Generator
  • Griinder Surface
  • Grinder
  • Grinder Angular
  • Grinder Cam
  • Grinder Centreless
  • Grinder Cylindrical
  • Grinder Cylindrical External
  • Grinder Cylindrical Universal
  • Grinder Flute
  • Grinder Internal
  • Grinder Opg
  • Grinder Saw Blade
  • Grinder Surface
  • Grinder Tool
  • Grinder Tool & Cutter
  • Grinder Tool Cutter
  • Grinder Tool Cutter
  • Grinder Tool Lapping
  • Grinder Vertical Rotary Surface
  • Grinders : Surface, Cylindrical, Centreless, Tool & Cutter, Sharpner, Optical Profile, Etc.
  • Grinding 
  • Hob Sharpening
  • Hobb Sharpner
  • Hobbing
  • Honing
  • Honing Machine
  • Hoppers
  • Integrated Steel Plant
  • Lathe
  • Lathe Facing
  • Lathe Horizontal
  • Lathe Horizontal 
  • Lathe Machine 
  • Used packaging machinery
  • Used printing machinery
  • Used bending machines
  • Used textile machinery
  • Used grinding machine
  • Used embroidery machine
  • Used drilling machine
  • Second hand machinery
  • Used woodworking machinery
  • Used shearing machines

How to Buy Used Machinery?

"Use your eyes, not your ears."

Competition for used machinery can be tough and finding quality machinery at good prices can be difficult. Industrial equipment, even on the secondary market, is a significant investment. The more you know about the type, use and manufacturer of the equipment you need, the more successful you will be at getting what you want.

List of Used machinery

  • Lathe Vertical
  • Leveler  
  • Machining Centre
  • Machining Centre Vertical
  • Milling
  • Milling Bed
  • Milling Horizontal
  • Milling Keyway
  • Milling Machine 
  • Milling Turret
  • Milling Universal
  • Milling Vertical
  • Miscellenious Machinery
  • Old Aloe-vera Plant
  • Old Cement Plant
  • Old Paper & Pulp Machinery
  • Old Plywood & Laminate Industry
  • Old Refinery & Oil Mill
  • Old Rolling Mill
  • Old Rubber Machinery
  • Old Solvent Extraction Plant
  • Old Steam Boilers
  • Old Transformers
  • Old Weigh Bridge
  • Pelletization Plant
  • Pels Wmw Sctp 25/3150
  • Plano Miller
  • Plastic Machinery 
  • Plate Bending
  • Power Plant & Equipment 
  • Power Press
  • Power Press 
  • Power Press, Power Shears, Plate Bending, Press Brake,etc.
  • Press Brake
  • Press Brake
  • Press Forging
  • Profile Projector
  • Punch Press 
  • Radial Drill
  • Rice Mill
  • Ring Former 
  • Robot
  • Rolling Mill
  • Second Hand Food Processing Machinery
  • Second Hand Power Plant
  • Second Hand Storage Tanks
  • Shadowgraph
  • Shapers, Slotting,etc.
  • Shearing
  • Shearing Machine
  • Sheetmetal Machine
  • Sliding Head / Automats
  • Sponge Iron
  • Spring
  • Stainless Steel
  • Super Finish
  • Surface Grinder
  • Tapping Machine
  • Thread Grinder
  • Thread Rolling
  • Thread Rolling 
  • Tos Piezok Nta 16/3150 Mechanical Shear
  • Transformer
  • Tube/pipe Mill
  • Used Alfa Laval Machinery
  • Used Chemical Machinery
  • Used Chilling Plant
  • Used Cooling Tower
  • Used Dairy - Milk Processing Plant
  • Used Engineering Machinery
  • Used Generator
  • Used Packaging Machinery
  • Used Pharmaceutical Machinery
  • Used Plastic Machinery
  • Used Textile Machinery
  • Vertical Boring 
  • Vmc
  • Weigh Bridge
  • Whirling
  • Used milling machine
  • Used knitting machine
  • Used injection molding machine
  • Used rapier looms
  • Used plate bending machine
  • Used surface grinding machine
  • Used cnc milling machine
  • Used rubber machinery
  • Used plastic machinery
  • Used plastic injection moulding machine