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About our Visiting Faculty Concept

Tejas Parikh FacultyHire is a platform that CONNECTS Faculty to Institutes.

Our model aims at bridging the GAP in the education sector today; to continuously reach out to quality and competent Faculty.

The objective of FacultyHire is to therefore, provide best in class mentors to EDUCATE young minds - We ensure that the Institute gets their best mix of desired Faculty which includes:

  • Academic experts
  • Industry doyens
  • Professionals with teaching experience
  • We wish to FACILITATE learning and knowledge transfer.

Our platform provides the unique facility of completely on-boarding the Faculty and acquainting them with the methodologies of our partner Institute which include:

  • Academic calendar
  • Course curriculum
  • Grading pattern
  • Course content
  • Presentations and case studies

We also give this platform to academicians for sharing their best practices in forms of research papers and case studies very soon. 

Visiting Faculty Job Provider to Colleges & Universities in India

Tejas Parikh is a leading company since 2013 providing qualified visiting faculty services  for college & universities in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. If your college & university looking for well educated and talented people for Architecture, Designing, Engineering, Medical we will provide visiting faculty/professor/lecturer staff for your college and university. 


We evaluate your candidature on the following parameters: 
1. Professional pedigree
2. Academic background
3. Teaching experience 
4. Subjects of interest 
We look for opportunities for you in your vicinity, depending on the requirements of our partner Institutes.

Confidential for Visiting Faculty Staff

We are not on online platform and don't disclose any faculty name & contact details to anybody. Get our services just simply visit our office or your premise with full data of young & talented educated visiting faculty/professor/lecturer. Our charges and terms is totally confidential. 

Visiting Jobs

  • Faculty 
  • Professor 
  • Lecturer

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